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Earn money selling GUYcards today!
Sell them at your work place, your school, your neighborhood or any place you hang out.

These cards sell quickly for $2 each. The starter kit comes with two counter top sales boxes, a 81/2" x 11" poster advertisement and 100 assorted GUYcards for only $29.95.

Its an easy way to get into sales and quickly multiply your investment.
Hey, it sure beats delivering newspapers!


Ordering Information

Please send a check or money order for the price shown payable to: "Davis Enterprises"

Davis Enterprises
P.O. Box 14277
Lenexa, KS  66285-4277

All prices already include mailing and handling charges!

The Starter Sales package with 100 assorted cards: only $29.95.

And last but not least please do not forget to include your mailing address.

Thank You!

Orders usually ship in one week or less.