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My personal music page!

That's me above, with my Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition Set Neck Telecaster Junior.

These are originals songs that I have written and you are welcome to download, play distribute etc.
However, they are copyrighted materials so, 1) Please keep my name associated with them and  2) if you wish to make any commercial recordings, please contact me first, (for my cheap royalty rates). 

Songs are in MP3 format, about 3 megs each.

The White Collar Blues
This  song is a common 12 bar blues song about the pain and hard times of a manager working in a large corporation.

JENNY (Please come home)
This song is a ballad about a guy in love with a girl named "Jenny" who is currently tied up with another guy who is mistreating her.

You Never had Left My Mind
This song is a country song about a guy in love with a girl from his youth but they don't get together until later on in life. 

Crystal Sue
This song is a comedy about a guy in love with a real bar slut. 

You Keep Drifting From Me
This is a song about a guy in love with a girl who left him, he's begging for her to come back.

A sad song about a bank robbery gone bad. (I suppose bankers don't think it's sad.)

There's Something Wrong With Me
Another sad song about some guy going crazy because his girl left him.

You Babe
A strong blues song about a girl who's running around on boyfriend.

Searching & Hoping
I don't have the lyrics completed for this one yet, but it'll be a country song about someone searching and hoping for love.

Have fun!